Asiansexdiary - Angelina
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Angelina


Pornstar: Angelina

Dear Diary, So, today was my date with that Russian model Angelina. We met at 1pm, close to my rented apartment. She was right on time waiting for me in a super-sexy dress and high heels. She was a fucking stunner and I was a bit nervous at first. We had a drink and I sweet-talked her into making a short shoot in my apartment. She played a bit hard-to-get but I guessed it was all part of the game. I was right. Once in my room, she started to relax and from the poses she took, I felt that I could slowly go further. My magical trick is to ask for a kiss. If the girls say “yes”, you know you’re going to fuck her! If not, your chances are still 50/50 and you will need to be more patient. But so, our first kiss was so passionate already (a french Kiss!), that I knew I was going to score big-time today. I made her undress slowly and started to touch her. She got so horny, so quickly, that I had to introduce my dick much sooner then I’d hoped for. Man, this girl was a total nympho. She changed from a cool Russian lady to a hardcore slut once I started to lick her pussy. She screamed and asked me to fuck her hard, grab her by the neck and push hard. When she gave me a BJ, she deepthroated me while licking my balls with her tongue!!! That’s some seriously high-level skills if you ask me! Just look on how hard I fucked her for a 90 min straight run! Damn, she killed me. At the end, she wanted my sperm so badly that she demanded I cum in her mouth – to drink it. She swallowed it all. What a fucking hardcore bitch. Please don’t tell me I should have skipped her for an Asian girl! She is sleeping over now tonight and I am more than happy about that. A creampie is still needed for this slut.