Asiansexdiary - AVN: Day 3 / Etology Showgi ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - AVN: Day 3 / Etology Showgi ...


Pornstar: Etology Showgirl

Dear Diary, This was my last day at the AVN show. It was fun but now I am really tired of it. Followed some sexy asses, went back to checking out the Japanese titties and filmed some cute Asian girls having their break before waiting for the Etology showgirl to have time for me. And she had, at around 1pm. I got a message from the AVN showgirl that her friend was coming to my room and only had 30 minutes. So, I waited in my room, undressed and ready to fuck. The girl arrived 10 minutes later and was honestly really great. Clearly a girl with experience that loves to fuck. She had been doing porn already but now works here as a showgirl. Good for me. Her best part were her boobs, for sure. Gave her a good porn facial and then she ran back to the show. I had enough of it and went to eat in a restaurant of the hotel. There, another porn star sat next to me. A real bitch. Anyways, tomorrow there is still the big AVN awards show but I am going to skip that. I hate awards shows and I want to see the light again, breath air!