Asiansexdiary - Bee: oh Bee!
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Bee: oh Bee!


Pornstar: Bee

Dear Diary, Finally! My first date in Rome, with a girl named Bee. I chatted with her a few times in the past weeks. I posted my last chat with her last Sunday. She never looked very special but I wanted to meet her anyways. Bee is a 28yo Thai lady. She told me to go to an Italian restaurant at 9pm. I bought a map and checked the location out from my room, first. Later on, I took the map with me on the road. It’s a good thing I did because it wasn’t that easy to find. The restaurant was great. Old style and looked typical Italian. I was there first and just 10 minutes later, she came in too. To my big surprise, she was much more sexy than I expected! Cute face and a nice attitude. With her make up on, she really looked sexy to me. I was excited. We ate some Italian pasta and meet. She told me that she lived here in Rome for 2 years now, taking care of a 70 yo Italian man, who is also her husband. He went to Bangkok and probably found her in a bar, then took her to Italy for his personal services. But as he will not live for long any more, miss Bee is already thinking of her future. That’s were guys like me come in. Also, I can imagine her type being an ex-soi nana hooker, getting so bored and in high need of boom boom with younger dick. I felt this was going to be fun, so I asked if she wanted to see my room. She immediately smiled and said “yes, of course!” So there we went. When walking outside, I discovered her fat ass. Man, I got so horny! 20 minutes later in my room, I started to take pictures and she got very shy about it, especially when I asked her to take off some clothes. She liked the posing but didn’t expect me to continue while we did the boomboom. So I started off by warming her up, kissing and touching her. She gave me a splendid blowjob and nibbling my balls (I love that!). By the time I licked her pussy, she had already forgotten about my camera. That ass, man! I just loved fucking that fat Thai ass! Thanks for bringing her here, Grandpa!! She asked me not to come inside, so I gave her a nice facial. I know some members will be happy about that! She left and asked to meet me again tomorrow. Why not? Going to sleep now 🙂