Asiansexdiary - Dalina
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Dalina


Pornstar: Dalina

Dear Diary, Found a nice little corner in Old Town, named Plan B. Nice little shops in a nice location. What they were selling inside was less interesting, though. On my walk back to my hotel, there was a girl sitting alone. Very petite. She looked at me when I walked closer, which is a good sign. I tried to talk with her and then suddenly another woman came to talk with me, as well. That one could speak English, thankfully. After a little chat with the two, the petite one, named Dalina, agreed to go with me to my place to make some pictures. I really liked her but had to use the translator app to talk. She is just a normal girl, after-all. A 21yo, bored at home. So off to my room where we went! I was not going to waste too much time in talking and introduction, so I started to undress myself and asked her to touch my dick. Just like that. We kissed and she licked my nipples before she gave me a wonderful blowjob that made me so horny that I did not want to wait to undress and shoot some pictures. I simply started to fuck her until I creampied her. In fact – she was so shy about her lack of boobs that she really asked to keep her dress on. Good for me. In return, I got some anal action – her first time! So fucking horny, I was. Got hers and her friend’s number for possible future action.