Asiansexdiary - Daniela
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Daniela


Pornstar: Daniela

Dear Diary, Today was the big day. I finally got to meet the hot Russian blonde Tourist, named Daniela. We had agreed to meet at 6pm but we ended up having to meet later on as she was coming back from some kind of tourist tour that took longer than expected. At least she came, a few hours later, and was waiting for me in a nice Spanish Restaurant. I could see her sitting from outside already and had no idea what to expect. Yes, she had been flirty on chat and yes, she was a Russian single girl travelling alone and yes, she even sent me a picture of her pants a few days ago… but you just never know with women. So, I entered the place and sat with her. She really was a nice girl and we talked for about 30 minutes about a bunch of different topics. I kept as much as possible of it in this edit, to show you how I managed, in a sneaky way, to get her to my apartment. It was not easy and I had to promise that we would not have sex. FYI guys, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t want to have sex when they say that. It’s rather used to test you and to see what you will do t get it. To see if you are desperate, strong or a maniac, haha. I passed the test because I kept it funny and cool. Her body language was saying YES YES YES but to protect her integrity, she had to play hard to get. I knew that her going with me to my place would mean sex, after all, so I was not worried. A girl just doesn’t want to be seen as a slut, even she is one or would love to be one. And also, A hot Russian blonde girl like this travelling alone through Europe has to mean something, right? What is she looking for? FUN FUN FUN! I continued to keep it cool, even once in my apartment, and started to take pictures of her. The way she posed, her eyes and again her body language were are saying “FUCK ME!” but I played her game, playing the good boy, and respecting her choices blah blah blah. When I got her to undress, touched her body and kissed her… there was no turning back. Believe me, she would like to stop, as well. As a trick, I promised to delete everything, afterwards, if she would decide that. What would I really do, if she would ask for it? Doesn’t matter, as you ca see, she didn’t ask me to… that dirty lil’ Russian slut:) We don’t know yet if there is any collusion between Trump and Putin but now you all know for sure that there is one between Asian Sex Diary and the Russians, haha! At least, in bed, anyways. Anyways, once the deal was made, I can say that this was one of the most exciting shoots in the last few years. She sucked me like a pro and we tried every room of my apartment. She loved to look into the camera and to make this little Russian porn movie with me. Fuck on a first date?? Of course! No condom with a stranger? Of course! Creampie in pussy? Of course! I am starting to love these Russian girls! Just watch that small shaven pussy of hers in action. This was delicious! Here for you is a 90 minute episode, guys. I hope that this makes up for the London disaster!