Asiansexdiary - Dera
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Dera


Pornstar: Dera

Dear Diary, I met Bee at 2pm in a shopping mall. She was there with her friend Dera. She did look skinny and young. Even if I liked her, I was not convinced yet. She didn’t look that crazy sexy or horny. More-so shy and classic. Maybe it was her dress that made me think that. We went to my room where Bee explained and translated a little and then left so there we were alone together. She seemed to understand a little but couldn’t speak a word. I was also not sure yet if she would let me film while having sex. Even though just having sex was not that sure… We started to make photos and she was really into it. That was my first surprise. She liked to pose and didn’t mind taking off her clothes, one by one. Man, I really started to get very horny once I saw her pussy, her small innocent-looking tits and especially that rocking body of hers. She seemed to be surprised when I touched her, so I slowed down some. Once she got naked and her pussy was just a few inches away from my lens… I took my chances and pushed my tongue inside her pussy. She started to moan and loved it. She went totally crazy when I was licking that delicious pussy of hers. When it was her turn to suck my dick, I realized that Bee was totally right. She sucked my dick as a pro and even went on licking my ass. I was ready to explode! Time for THE action… I fucked her passionately and felt something called love. Fuck, this girl was getting me. In doggy, she was bouncing slowly and deeply… I had to stop her a few times! I didn’t want to cum too fast but no choice, creampie finally arrived! This was one of my best fucks in a long time. I totally loved this girl, perfect in many ways! I asked her to come back at night and sleep over. She said yes… Guys, while I am typing here, she is sleeping next to me. I am going to fuck her soon again. Goodnight