Asiansexdiary - Dera & Ayon: Date 3
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Dera & Ayon: Date 3


Pornstar: Ayon Dera

Dear Diary, Last night, Dera and Ayon arrived around 2am, straight from the club. I don’t need to explain to you in what state they were. Anyways, I was crazy tired so we slept immediately. The morning was beautiful once again! Waking up with these 2 angels is priceless. They were funny and sweet, as always. I started to fuck Dera first when she suddenly showed me a ring with my name on it. Ayon also had one! They made a golden ring to honor me. Isn’t that unbelievable guys?! It made me even more horny! I fucked Ayon, as well, and then back to Dera to creampie her in Doggie. What a happy life. We slept 5 more hours after that! When they left, I prepared some stuff. Tomorrow, I go back to Bangkok then on Monday morning I need to go to the Chinese embassy. I will be in China in a few weeks from now. Have a great weekend guys. Your Lord of The Rings, John.