Asiansexdiary - Dian
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Dian


Pornstar: Dian

Dear Diary, Ok, guys, this is a special video because this girl that you are going to see being banged is nothing more than Linda‘s younger sister! Yes, Linda, my favorite sweetheart from Kuala Lumpur. It turned out that she had a sister studying in Penang. She told me when I was in Penang already and she had asked me if I could help her sister a little. I said yes, under the condition that I could meet her. So that is what happened. I met her at the restaurant and we had a drink together. I also had promised Linda that I would not do anything with her sister (Linda was super jealous about this) but what can I say… a monger has to do what a monger has to do! So when I felt that she was totally easygoing and flirty, I invited her to my room where I fucked that sister’s pussy so deep and hard, man. This was so exciting and satisfying. Really a great girl, as good as her sister I would say. Great BJ as well… must be a talent in the family hahaha. Anyways, I made her promise not to say anything to Linda. And I think she never did because Linda never said anything about it later.