Asiansexdiary - Emmy
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Emmy


Pornstar: Emmy

Dear Diary, Woke up at 10 this morning to have my breakfast. First, I went to the lobby where I saw a nice MILF smiling at me. She said that she was waiting there for her best friend. She said she had to wait like 3 more hours. I invited her for a drink and she was happy to follow me. 5 minutes later, she was already saying “yes” to all my propositions. Yes, she liked to make pictures and yes, to go to my room. This is really Thailand at its best! I filmed a little more of her feet for the foot lovers here. She was also hungry, so we ate first before going to my room and then she prepared herself to be ready for the shoot. Very girlish MILF, I like that. Naughty, for sure. 5 minutes later, she came out of the bathroom… totally naked. Just fuck me! haha. Man, I ate that pussy and I fucked that pussy and then… I fucked that ass! Ass, pussy, ass, pussy, ass, pussy… cummmming! What a wonderful morning fuck, my God. She left giving me her phone number. She wants to come for more. Perfect.