Asiansexdiary - Fa: Student #2
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Fa: Student #2


Pornstar: Fa B

Dear Diary, I changed hotels this morning, to a cheaper one, but still very good with a big window. This afternoon, I went back to Victory Square to hunt for students. Again, they were everywhere and I spotted one that I immediately wanted to try… but I lost her, somehow. So, I continued to search until I saw a cutie walking alone. I decide not to hesitate this time and to started talking with her. She looked skinny and had a Scarlett Johansson-face. I wanted her. She was very shy from the start but seemed to like my presence. I asked her to sit down and buy an iced tea, to which she agreed. Good sign, already. As her English was very poor, I had to use my translator. As usual, I tried to take pics of her (always an easy way to see if she is into more). It was all good, so I asked her to come make some more in my room. No hesitation there, as well. Her name is Fa, also an economy student and focused on accounting. There must be an economy university nearby. She is 18 and just started. Anyways, I got her to join me at my hotel and as I really felt that she liked me, I didn’t wait to long to kiss her and slowly undress her. She was very horny, I could see it in her eyes and feel it in her pants. What a nice and hairy monkey she has down there. I started to play with it and then ate it. She was loving this very much. Then, we went on to a great BJ and all the action needed to make this a great porn episode with an innocent student. She went totally wild when she was on top and loved licking my nipples. What a damn good girl she was. Creampied! This makes it number 2 for this week’s goal! I am starting to love this game and I am going to try for at least one more in the coming days!