Asiansexdiary - Fang: Part 3
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Fang: Part 3


Pornstar: Fang B

Dear Diary, It’s Valentine’s Day!! Of course, I had my date with Fang. I was all ready for it, with the special gifts that I bought yesterday, to surprise her and make her extra horny-in-love with me. She arrived at my room wearing her hair in a ponytail, a Chinese-styled red dress and black high heels. My God, she came prepared to fuck. But first – we had to go out for a fancy romantic dinner at an expensive Argentina-Japanese sushi restaurant. It was so delicious and my gift made it all much more special, of course. Fang was almost peeing her pants in excitement, so we walked back to my room (as quick as possible) to fuck like wild animals. Fang made me so damn horny with that red bodysuit and pony tail that I could not resist fucking her more and more wildly… and aggressively. She fucking loved it. Damn… this girl is a gift from heaven. As she was totally in a romantic today today, she allowed me to cum her deep inside of her. Just look at how much she loved it! She is clearly mine now and I can do whatever I want with her. After we finished, she rushed back to her parents and told me she would come back in the morning… before they wake up. That’s my girl!! (PS: Fang also promised a new shoot, wearing the gifts that I bought her!)