Asiansexdiary - Fine-assed Bangkok stunner ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Fine-assed Bangkok stunner ...


Pornstar: Jubjang

Dear Diary, I booked my ticket to Kuala Lumpur, for tomorrow! Time to try out Malaysia again. When I was just thinking about taking it easy today, I got a messages from my all-time sweetheart and beautiful gogo starlet Jubjang. It has been such a long time. I texted her last week but she never replied, so I thought that she had changed her number. Somehow, she only found my message now (or was too busy with another customer) and replied today. We met at night, at Sala Daeng, close to her work. Lucky for me, she was late. Milk ended up passing by just coming back from her salon. We talked a little and being a man of many ideas, I tried to convince her into a 3some with Pang but she didn’t like that idea so much. Then, I had to get rid of her as Jubjang was finally on her way and just 10 minutes after Milk left, she arrived. That was close!!! Jubjang is for sure one of my favourite girls in Bangkok. Uncomplicated, sexy, funny, petite and horny. We had a real good fuck and she is still here with me now. She will sleep over. What a wonderful last night in town!