Asiansexdiary - Gnoc
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Gnoc


Pornstar: Gnoc

Dear Diary, Today, it was back to hunting and this time I was really really lucky! I went to that little park close to the riverside where I have been before. I passed the park and saw a stunning girl sitting in a beautiful dress. I parked my bike and went straight to her. She was all smiles and even more beautiful up close. I started to make pictures of her and I could feel that she just loved my attention. We then looked at the pictures together and so she came to sit closer to me. The game was on! Her name is Ngoc and is only 21 years old. I told her to go with me to my hotel for more pictures there. She simply said “yes”. Her English was very bad but it was obvious that she wanted to go ‘all the way’ with me. I took her back to my hotel, on my bike, and that’s where the real fun began! She was a real good poser and was genuinely having fun being my model. She tried all kinds of poses and was laughing the whole time. But then, she started to tease me with her tongue while licking her own shoulder. So damn hot. I kissed her once in awhile and started to take off her clothes. She loved it and continued to play. We were both so horny… damn what a beauty! I licked her hairy pussy and she came. She sucked and kissed my dick before I started to fuck her like a wild man. This was so good man. Maybe the cutest Vietnamese girl I’ve ever had, what you think? She stayed another hour in my room, using my translator app to talk. Got her number and then she left. Hopefully she will come back…