Asiansexdiary - Grace: A Mute Girl
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Grace: A Mute Girl


Pornstar: Shiela Grace

Dear Diary, It had been a long time, but I got a message from Sheila yesterday, the girl I met on Clark during my first week here. She texted, asking if she could visit me today. I agreed, but she totally surprised me when she arrived at 9am; I was still sleeping. Another surprise was that she brought a friend named Grace. A cute girl with big boobs. I was already hoping to fuck her. After a little talk with Sheila, I discovered that Grace is mute! OMG! I never fucked a mute in my life, so I got even more curious, and I sensed she was willing to do more also. Sheila wanted to buy some food outside. So then Sheila left and I was alone with Grace. First, taking some pics, and then—-as you know me—-getting to where we needed to be. She was shy at first, but quickly followed with the flow of things. So today, I ended up being sucked and fucked by a mute! And she didn’t disappoint me at all; great body, nice boobs, and even a little naughty. That was yet another morning boom-boom to remember. Just after we finished, Sheila came back and Grace wisely pretended that nothing happened. I like her! Not like she would “say” anything anyway 😉