Asiansexdiary - Guitar2 (the chat girl)
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Guitar2 (the chat girl)


Pornstar: Guitar B

Dear Diary, Today, I finally had my meeting with Guitar, the girl I met on chat. She came on time with a friend that was also her driver. I wasn’t paying attention to her friend until she showed me pics of her with make up on. Man, look at the difference! This happened with me before. You take a girl out of the bar and she looks amazing. The next morning, you are wondering if it is still the same girl. No make up. Can be a shock! So, after we ate, I went with Guitar to my room. She looked older than I expected. She is in fact a real MILF but honestly, I was not going to complain. Just look at how horny this girl was. The more I was with her, the more I got horny myself. I could not even wait to make pictures of her naked. I took her in doggy while she was posing for me with her dress still on. And it went on and on. This was really a delicious fuck! She liked it so much and came several times, herself. I loved that MILF ass and creampied her. She seemed to be totally in love when she left me, giving me kisses all the time. But honestly, I will keep it to one date. I hope King will come back. She is still in town and busy with her family issue. There is probably another problem. We’ll see. Good news for the China lovers: Monday is my flight to China! This Sunday, after tomorrow, I have my flight back to Bangkok already. I am really excited to go back