Asiansexdiary - Ice
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ice


Pornstar: Ice

Dear Diary, Today was my exciting date with Ice, the 21yo Thai student here in Barcelona. We met at 1pm at the Spanish tapas restaurant I discovered yesterday. It was nice, even if she didn’t want to eat. She didn’t like Spanish food. She cooks Thai food in her room every day. She is in an international university here and is clearly a clever girl. I would have been more careful if we haven’t been chatting the recent weeks. I already asked her about making pictures of her and she agreed. Knowing that she has a lot of tattoos, I was confident that she was much more naughty than she appears. I started to doubt things when we were in the restaurant. She was very quiet and shy, but when I asked her again about going to my room and making pictures, she seemed to still want to go for it. So I finished my dish and we went to my room. I started slowly and careful, but she easily did whatever I asked and there was a nice sexual tension in the room. A few kisses in between the pictures made me ask her to undress, and she did it. Isn’t she beautiful!!? Man, I was so horny and she was as well. When naked, I decided to lick her pussy first. That broke the ice. She came and returned the favour with a nice sensual BJ. This was more than horny. I fucked her and I came a first time when she was on top. I must say that I really loved her boobs and her very white soft skin. Fucked her more in doggy and came again. So good. We talked a little more and then she had to go, she said. I was surprised. I asked to go out and eat together, but she had to go study. She had second terms soon and had to prepare for that. Girls on study stress are always more horny. That explains a lot 😉 I asked to meet again and she said yes. Next week. I decided to take a walk alone then, ate great food and visited a nice church before going back to my room. Got a message from Ice to say sorry about leaving so fast. She said she wanted to see me again for sure.