Asiansexdiary - Irene
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Irene


Pornstar: Irene

Dear Diary, I went to the famous High Society club tonight. This is now the place to be. Before, it was Skytrax. I went there after midnight and it was still calm, so I waited for my friend to come and talked with a few girls. I also conversed with a girl on staff that was about to start work and only had like 30 mins before she really had to be clocked in. Her name is Irene, a 19yo that is totally my type. My friend soon then arrived. He’s a Pinoy friend of mine whom is now working for security here. After some talking with them both, I got to go in the private section of the club. That when Irene and I went straight to the toilets to have some fun together! What follows next is an epic and typical Angeles City video, if you ask me. This only happens in AC, man, and it was so fun! The girl sucked me and let me fuck then creampie her. All within 15 minutes time! She then gave me her number and went back to work. Long live AC! I danced a little longer, talked with a few girls and got some numbers. More to follow, guys.