Asiansexdiary - Jennifer: Part 3
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Jennifer: Part 3


Pornstar: Jennifer B

Dear Diary, Before Seeing Jennifer, I decided to do some shopping and to maybe buy a gift for her. Then, I changed my mind and I decided not to do it because I felt that it was better to not give Jennifer any high expectations in the future! We met in a restaurant, close to my hotel, and it was really great seeing her again. She was very tired of working. You can see it on her face. But still, she was friendly, lovely and horny. I asked if she wanted to stay with me tonight, as it is my last night before going back to Bali and because she is in fact leaving in two days, back to Ukraine, and is not coming back to Thailand again until December. This is her holiday. After we ate, we went to my room for another great shoot and fuck. This girl is really amazing, a keeper. Great body and attitude, she loves to fuck and I could creampie her again. I especially loved the deepthroat action today. She said she would like to try anal next time, as she was taking her shower. If that’s not a cliffhanger for the next fuck-date, I don’t fucking know what is!!! Going to sleep now and can’t promise you anything more for tomorrow. Need to wake up early… off to Bali.