Asiansexdiary - Jennifer
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Jennifer


Pornstar: Jennifer B

Dear Diary, After admiring the Krabi Sunset from my window, I headed to Krabi town where Jennifer was waiting for me – at a sushi restaurant. I had to look around to find it as it was inside of a little mall. Once inside, I immediately found her but she did not recognize me at first. Funny girl and easy going, I must say. We had a nice dinner and talked about her work and her background. Her father was a Filipino and her mother was some kind of ethnic mix, from Ukraine. She never met her father so her Tagalog was nearly non-existant. Russian and English, though, were no problem. I liked her from the start, so skinny she was. I must say that it took quite some time to get her to my apartment and even then… she was very careful. I had to promise only to take pics of her. Once we finished the Sushi, we walked to my place and she got a little more relaxed. For sure she liked the posing and she liked me, as well, even if she was making a lot of jokes. It made me doubt about going further and to making my move. When I did say something about her ass, she said “Ok, I’m going home now”. Fuck! And she was serious about it at that time. As you can see in the video, I could finally make her relax again. That’s all fine and dandy but I really had to know if she liked me or not, so I asked for a kiss. I had put my camera aside, as well, and that seemed to have helped. After 5 minutes of kissing, I started to touch her body and kiss her boobs. From then on, I seemed to have unleashed the beast! She got so horny, my God, that I could almost not believe what was happening to me. She got undressed and almost begged me to fuck her and just look how she loved the posing and getting filmed while I was fucking her! She even liked the dirty-talk (I know that Russian girls like that). Absolutely epic. I fucked her on the couch even with my jeans still on. Later on, she came on top and started to play with her pussy. When I licked her pussy, she came. She came two more times, later on, too. I decided to cum in her mouth and she just let me do this shit to her like it was no big deal, haha. I must say that this was all so unexpected. And – I want more of this girl! After I stamped her, she took a shower and ran back home. She has to wake up at 4am, tomorrow, so she had a good reason to depart. However, when leaving, she insisted on meeting again. I think she really loved this encounter! To be continued, guys!