Asiansexdiary - Jibjib: 20yo Lao girl next ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Jibjib: 20yo Lao girl next ...


Pornstar: Jibjib

Dear Diary, Hunting day, today. I hired a tuktuk and drove around searching for pussy. It was not easy. At night, I finally got to talk with a few girls until I got one interested to talk with me a little more. It was so unexpected that I was not even shooting at the time. I had to pull out my camera when we were walking en-route to a restaurant. The girl, named Jibjib, was a very hungry 20yo girl, so I invited her out with me to eat. She said “yes” and that was a good sign for my purposes already. Once in the restaurant, we talked a little more and I used my translator app to ask her to make some pics with me. It was ok but she had to ask permission from her mom first. I honestly love when they do that. Good girls are always the horniest! She called and her mom said “yes”, is she would come back before 9pm. That was 2hours time, enough to get my dick in her pussy and creampie her deeply. So up to my room we went! This girl seemed to be very easy and didn’t mind me touching and kissing her. It’s obvious when I started to undress her, especially when I discovered the amazing boobs she had. Damn God, thanks again. This was such an easy game to play. I love those innocent mom-calling sluts. It got me so horny that I presented my dick to her, out of the blue. She got the message and within 10 minutes, I had my dick pumping that small hairy Lao pussy of hers. She was especially good on top. You could see that she loved that position the most. Perfect round ass to be on top. I finished the job with some doggiestyle and a good creampie, as usual. Thanks Laos, your girls are awesome! She then got dressed and ran to be at home before 9!