Asiansexdiary - Krizza
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Krizza


Pornstar: Krizza

Dear Diary, I met Krizza this afternoon in the lobby of my hotel. We had a coffee first. I wanted to take my camera out but she acted shocked. She didn’t want me to film her. WHTFCK! So we talked… and I repeated that we agreed on making pics today. She said she knew but was just too shy to do it in a public area. She still has the same lesbian GF for 2 years now and rarely goes out with guys, even though she does like men, too. She tries to be faithful to her GF, whom has never fucked a guy at all.. a virgin (cherry girl as they call it here)! After 30 minutes, we went to my room and again there, she seemed not to want to make photos. She took a shower and that’s where I really insisted. After 1 year of chatting and coming especially to Cebu to meet her, I deserved a better treatment. She started to get into it. We kissed a little bit and I took out my camera. She was till very shy but at least I was allowed to film. Strange for a cam model… Same happened last week with Eye in Pattaya. Anyways, after a little kissing and touching, she started to let me film and enjoy the fuck. One thing is sure: those boobs looked so great! Even now, while I am editing the footage, I get excited. She was clearly a girl who loves to be on top. She was so good at it that I came too fast already. Creampie was dripping out of her pussy. Nice shot! After we finished, she hurried home and promised to talk with her Gf about a 3some since her GF wants to loose her virginity. That sounds like a very good plan to me! But let’s see if they will keep their word. Tomorrow, I plan to visit more of Bohol.