Asiansexdiary - Lee
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Lee


Pornstar: Lee

Dear Diary, There are some days where it’s just hard to grasp why it suddenly happens, out of the blue, in a moment that you would not expect, at 9 in the morning when you were just going to have breakfast… Damn, guys… so there at a Starbucks, I saw a super hot girl sitting alone and I thought “let’s just sit next to her” and just watch what happens. I purposely kept all of the footage unedited so that you can see for your eyes and ears how I managed to get a super hot nail salon girl to get to my room and fuck her just 30 minutes after I just met her! This girl, Lee, a 21yo from Bangkok that has her own nail salon close to Soi LK, was totally amazing. She was all smiles and super horny from the start. A perfect example of my theory of always attacking and never having fear! I did the same in the last 4 days and all girls ran away from me but you see here, suddenly it happens and you are getting the best in return! Anyways, once in my room, we took some pics and it obviously escalated quickly! Stunning body and a bit sad about the silicon tits but nevertheless! Such a great and fuck! I was so Horny that I did not even undress her completely. While I was cuming, she started on about fucking her ass! Damn slut! I came already, of course. Don’t get angry here, guys! She has promised to come back and I believe her! So yes, after begging for a creampie, I could just not resist cuming! After that, she left because she had to go see a friend… To be continued!