Asiansexdiary - Leonie
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Leonie


Pornstar: Leonie

Dear Diary, Had a good sleep, in my new room. It’s a more upscale hotel. Later on, I met with Nenny, and her friend Leonie, at a little restaurant. Leonie, a 20yo, was wearing a nice t-shirt with no bra on so I could already see how nice those boobs were. We had a drink and Nenny had to leave early. I took Leonie to my hotel around the block, after a little polite chat. She was shy, at first, and her English was not so good at all. This girl has the cutest boobs I’ve seen in a while, I must say. Very soft, as well. I started to kiss her and undress her before the real pleasure began, where she gave me a good BJ. I got so horny that I fucked her in doggiestyle before I even undressed. So good! We just went on and on. She came when she was on top and I creampied her a little later. It’s so easy here and it reminds me of scoring in the Philippines. She then took a shower and left. Tomorrow another day. Let us see what it brings!