Asiansexdiary - Lexi2
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Lexi2


Pornstar: Lexi B Chris

Dear Diary, So now, part 2 of my crazy morning with Chris and Lexi. After I fucked Chris yesterday, we had a little sleep. I woke Lexi up at 9am and we went right to business, making a lot of nude pics of her. Damn, this girl is so sexy. She is even cuter than Chris, I must say. Her pussy was as beautiful as that of Chris. Small, with a perfect line. No extra meat, just perfect. I ate that pussy and she just loved it. I was afraid that Lexi would be less horny than Chris but I was wrong. Once we started to fuck, she screamed “oh fuck me John!”. This always makes me 100 times more horny, as you know. Her facial expressions were also so exciting. Then, she gave a BJ what was as good as Chris’ performance. Look at those lips and her tongue-work. I am such a lucky man. Fucked her doggy, then her on top and then a BJ again before back to normal. Creampied her as well. She just loved it. These 2 girls were just perfect. Signed the date and stamp on their asses and then they left. They hope to see me again. I hope it, as well. You guys must be happy, as well… good and fresh Pinay pussy for 2 days. Spoiled members 😉