Asiansexdiary - Lookgood
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Lookgood


Pornstar: Lookgood

Dear Diary, I was wondering where to go hunting tonight. One of the parks, Bor Pen Yang… At Home disco? I decided to go eat first at the Mix, at the fountain park. Remember last time I was there too early? Well, now I was just on time. There was a live band playing and many cute girls were eating there. I decided to sit where most of the people were sitting and I sat next to 2 young girls. When I got my plate, I started to talk to them. The older one spoke good English because she has a boyfriend from the US. The younger one sitting next to me was single and extremely cute. I didn’t expect anything from it but the longer we talked, the more I felt that the younger one, whom calls herself Lookgood (haha), really liked me. She is a hotel-school student in her first year and she will turn 19 in 4 months. We talked and we talked and it seems like even her friend wanted her to go with me. I filmed the conversation with my iPhone but the live band was so loud that you can’t really hear what we are talking about. Anyways, I wanted to take a picture of them but the other girl didn’t want to be on camera because of her overly jealous BF (a military guy). Ok. I don’t want to mess with the guy, so I asked if I could take pictures of Lookgood in my room. That was all ok to do! Damn, I was lucky this time. We left the table, her friend went home (her bf would come on Skype soon). Once in my room, Lookgood was a real delight. She loved to pose and make funny faces. She didn’t mind taking off her clothes but felt shy about her baby-fat around her belly. I just loved it. Great body and nice tits, man. In her panties, I could already see the nice shape of her pussy lips. Once she took her pants off, I could only fall in admiration for such a perfect pussy. Fresh, young, innocent and ready for me. I licked it and she loved it. She gave me a great BJ, she sucked my balls like a pro. The fuck was awesome and I could feel how she really loved to get fucked. Students are so great. My favorite part was in doggy where I could look at her nice round ass and perfect pussy. My sperm inside must have been very happy up there 🙂 As she had to go to school tomorrow morning, she went home after giving me her phone number. She is a keeper, for sure.