Asiansexdiary - Maprang
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Maprang


Pornstar: Maprang

Dear Diary, So, the girl that didn’t show up yesterday… she was too scared to come over. I found out because of her best friend who initially gave me her LINE ID. After chatting with that friend, she told me that this girl was really fresh in town, coming from Isan and only having one boyfriend before. She only fucked that one boy and never even met a foreigner before. She is supposed to go work at a store and totally didn’t come to Pattaya to get banged, as she promised her still-boyfriend that she will stay faithful to him… but yeah, hahahah. Anyways, she’s a total newbie with no experience whatsoever. That’s why she got scared yesterday and stayed home. So after some talks and calls, her friend convinced her to come over today. And man, I am so happy that I didn’t give up too fast on this one. This girl, named Maprang, is 18yo and from Kon Khaen. She was a pure diamond! So cute, so pure… just look at how shy she was! And that beautiful smile of hers! I enjoyed this girl so much and I think that you can see it in my reactions on this video. The fact that she was absolutely fresh, with no tattoos, and a perfect lined pussy. Plus the nice round tits… makes her, for sure, one of my favorites this year. Maprang was also super easygoing and loved to get banged. Didn’t you guys get a lot of gems lately?! It takes me more effort and time to find them but once found, I can definitely say that these are top trophies for my gallery! So, a great fuck and a deep creampie of course. I hope that she will come back for more…