Asiansexdiary - Mi
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mi


Pornstar: Mi

Dear Diary, After two days of failure, I decided to ride to a park where I have been successful before, and yes… it was the right choice. I saw a few girls sitting alone when passing by, so I parked my motorbike. I bought 2 coconuts in case I could talk with a girl. That is always a good icebreaker. The first girl that I saw in the park was a very petite and skinny girl sitting all alone. This was an opportunity. She already smiled at me when I walked closer to her. That was a first sign. She accepted my coconut and I tried to talk to her but her English was very poor, so I used my translator. Her name is Mi, an 18yo student. I asked if I could make a few pictures and she immediately said, “Yes”. Second good sign! This was going to be easy… and it was. I asked her to go to my hotel to make more pics. No problem at all, she was all smiles. For sure, she’s a girl whom fancied fucking a foreigner. Then in my hotel, where we started to make pics, she loved to pose and was easy to shed some clothes. That’s when I found out that she was even skinnier than I expected. Oh, man, this is my territory. The gates of Heaven!! I got her all naked. Nice round tits, or “tits on a stick”, as mongers would call it. I took off my clothes and wanted to lick her pussy but she didn’t like that. No BJ, as well. Oh no, that type of girl?! But luckily, she liked to fuck… and bareback no problem. So, it was still fine, and of course, I really enjoyed this. Wonderful how big my dick looked inside that skinny ass of hers. Could creampie her as well, so for sure… this was an amazing trophy! She left and gave me her number for a possible second round.