Asiansexdiary - Miaw
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Miaw


Pornstar: Miaw B

Dear Diary, Changed back to my first hotel of this trip, this morning. Will be my last, as I am flying back to Bangkok on Tuesday. I am going there for Tiffany, of course! Don’t worry, going back to Asian chicks after that haha. This afternoon, I went back to the park where all the girls were yesterday. This time, I really wanted to score new pussy. So, I walked around and just waited to see a lonely girl. Most young girls were with friends but I suddenly saw a skinny MILF! I decided to go for it. She was smiling at me and her English was very poor but I convinced her to make a few pics, there in the park. I then told her to go with me to my place, to make some more pics. This was bold of me but she said “yes”, to my surprise. So you see, always just be straightforward! This MILF’s name is Miaw (or something that sounded that way) and is a 35yo that works at a small bank of some sort. Clearly single and my spider senses warned me that she was desperate for a fuck! This turned out to be totally right. Once in my room, I continued to be careful and politely ask her to do this and that. But when she clearly let me touch her and undress her, I knew that this was going to be fun. I was so horny that I didn’t even wait to undress her and she started to massage my dick before taking it in her mouth. My God, this was a desperate mouth in need of dick to suck! What a great blowjob she gave me, with so much love and dedication. Again, I could not wait and started to fuck her without undressing her completely. This was so good and horny. And man, she loved it as well! Creampied her, of course. She told me, later on, that she has not had sex in 5 fucking years! This was so awesome! MILFs rule!