Asiansexdiary - Michelle: Fucked twice
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Michelle: Fucked twice


Pornstar: Michelle

Dear Diary, I started my day by walking around and trying to find a girl. It took me some time to find a target until a lazy looking girl in a blue dress passed by me. I started to follow her. She’s not very beautiful but sometimes I just like these normal-looking type of girls. This one was a little chubby and had a nice face. A little bit of Japanese style to her. So I talked to her while we walked together. I started to talk about us making some pictures and she seemed to like it. She was probably just waiting for a foreigner like me to come on to her. So we went to my room, made some pics and it was quite obvious that this would end up like it always does. She reacted badly when I wanted to see her underwear so I started to think that I was wrong about where this was going. Strangely, she didn’t mind showing me her boobs… so the game was on again! I started to lick her nipples and she couldn’t resist grabbing my dick and sucking me. She gave a nice blowjob! This girl is a cock-lover and there was no stopping her! I got so horny that I fucked her doggystyle right away, came after 5 minutes and it still was not enough for me. I still wanted to fuck her more so we started a second round. I even tried to fuck her ass… just a little bit but it was obvious that she didn’t like it that much. To finish off I gave her another load inside of her nice little puki.