Asiansexdiary - Mildred
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mildred


Pornstar: Mildred Laiza

Dear Diary, Laiza came over at 4pm, as promised. She brought me a marvelous beauty named Mildred. Remember last week, Oct 19th, that I asked her to bring me better girls, not always chubby ones? Well, I did not hear from her for a whole week because of that. But it seems that she took my request seriously. Mildred is an 18yo sexy looking girl that I was very happy to fuck today. Nice boobs, nice ass, cute face. She started off with a nice Bj, along with Laiza’s help. I just love these kind of threesomes.. my gf with a friend. Thank you, Philippines! Then I fucked Laiza a little but as usual, she was not so much in the mood as she just doesn’t like to have sex. That’s why she brings me her friends all the time. It’s not only love! Either way, Mildred loved it and Laiza helped film it all. Afterwards, when I saw the shots she took, I just loved seeing Mildred’s ass go up and down. Nice work! I had a really a great orgasm. One more creampie for my trophy gallery. I’m proud.