Asiansexdiary - Ming: A special day!
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ming: A special day!


Pornstar: Ming

Dear Diary, It was a special day today because I met with that gorgeous Chinese student, Ming! We met right on time at a McDonald’s on the main shopping street of Köln. She was sitting there alone, waiting for me. It was quickly clear for me that her English was very poor. She arrived just 1 month ago here to study German and is intending to stay 2 years. She is from Shanghai. Her first time out of China and probably looking for a local boyfriend. In our previous chat, she already told me that she never tried a foreigner and that she was curious. That was, for me, the reason to go to meet her. She is hungry! She also told me yesterday that she loves posing. That’s why she sent me some pics. Anyways, we had a nice talk over burgers at McDonald’s and I invited to go to my hotel with me to take pictures. She agreed but had to go home first. She would come to my hotel in 2 hours. I waited for 3 hours and thought that she would not come. Then she showed up. I really thought that she was only going to pose a little bit, so I was surprised when she started to play my game, laughing at my sexual jokes. I asked her if she was naughty, she said “yes”. This girl was so horny and it was very easy for me to ask her to go all the way. She sucked my dick as a pro. Even licked my ass! It looked like she never wanted to stop! I simply just had to fuck this cutie! So.. I did! She was so wet and naughty! I heard that Chinese girls are less naughty and kinky, but this was clearly proving to be the opposite. It’s useless to say ‘why’ I had to creampie her, man! This was just such a great fuck but I am just here for 3 days! I hope she will come back before I go to my next city trip!