Asiansexdiary - Miyuki @ Night
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Miyuki @ Night


Pornstar: Miyuki Son

Dear Diary, Miyuki only came back to me last night, at 2am, after she went partying in a disco. This girl is really wild! When she arrived, I was a bit pissed off and continued to just sleep but come 6am… I decided to take my revenge on her and wake her up. I pushed my dick into her face as soon as she woke up, haha! But – to my surprise – the sex animal didn’t mind at all and just started sucking my dick like this was normal. I creampied her again, and then we continued back to sleep. We woke up at around 11am and then she left after I told her that I have to work for 2 days. A lie, of course. It’s because of my date with the Polish air attendant, Cecylia, that I needed Miyuki to stay away. I promised her that we would have a look at the Sacrada Familia if she would wear something sexy for me. She said yes! Hope she keeps her promise. By the afternoon, I changed to my previous hotel – just to be sure that Miyuki will not show up when I am fucking my Cecylia. Then, I went to La Rambla and spotted so many sexy girls and asses. I was at the place where that terrorist attack happened last year. But now it’s very calm in here.