Asiansexdiary - Nate
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nate


Pornstar: Nate

Dear Diary, As promised, I went back to the Central Festival Mall to check out the car showgirls. I asked a guard at what time these girls would go home and he had told me around 7pm when I spoke to him yesterday. So when I arrived at 7pm, I already saw one of the girls walking towards the exit. I followed her and she seemed to buy an iced tea. That’s where I decide to act. Good move, as this girl seemed to be very at ease and did not mind my presence at all. I invited myself to sit with her and tried to get to know more about her but her English was very bad. With the help of my translator, I got to know that her name was Nate, a 21yo working as a full-time showgirl. Today, it was for Honda. She was not here yesterday, as the girls are always switching between events to keep new girls coming for the people (same as in the bars hahaha). Anyways, she was super easy and I got to take some pics of her already. All good signs, so I asked if we could do some more pics at my place. Once she said yes, I knew that the game was on. I already had a hardon when we were walking out of the mall. We took a motorbike taxi to my hotel, where it then turned out to be super easy to touch and kiss her. She showed me her walk and dance moves … and then her other skills! I showed her my dick and she was immediately on it. Got such a good blowjob, deep in her mouth. Damn God, why am I such a lucky guy!?! I fucked the hell out of her. Creampied… no questions asked. Thailand is a paradise! She then had to leave and I got her number. You will probably see this one coming back!