Asiansexdiary - New hotel + Vee last fuck
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - New hotel + Vee last fuck


Pornstar: Vee

Dear Diary, Ok guys, I made a big decision this morning: After tomorrow, I will fly back to Jakarta. I found a promotional ticket and I must say that I am in for a second adventure in Indonesia! I was wondering if I should go back to the PI but with the recent stress there, I am going to wait a little more. Also, going to a new country is too soon to plan. I didn’t have the time to do any research yet. My flight is on Monday. One of the reasons I want to leave is, for sure, the non-stop obsession of some girls here wanting to know where I am and what I do. Vee and Porn are calling me all the time now. I decided to give Vee a last fuck today, to fuck her ass and for the chance to give her a nice facial. That’s for the few of you asking for a facial 😉 When she got her part, I went back to Wat Phnom, looking for some girls. I saw some girls and even talked with two but they looked to marginal for me, so I left. Later on, I met a girl on the street who promised to come to my room in 30 minutes. That’s what she did but once in the room she changed her mind about the filming. Damn! I hoped to find another girl today to make a new video but I didn’t. Time to sleep. Tomorrow, I prepare my stuff to go to Jakarta!