Asiansexdiary - Nicole
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nicole


Pornstar: Nicole C

Dear Diary, I went to the clubs tonight and immediately upon arrival, one of the older MILFs came to sit with me. I recognized her as one of the MILFs bringing me some girls a few years ago. That was such a happy find. She kissed me all over and couldn’t be happier to see me. She immediately asked me if I wanted some new girls and told me she knew a lot of cute girls that would be willing to shoot with me. Damn, I guess my time here is getting even better… and yes, she showed me a girl named Nicole. She is 19yo and fresh from the province, arriving here only a few weeks ago. My early Xmas gift! I got the number of that MILF and took Nicole to my place. Damn, this girl was so fucking hot and shy. The best combination. Super cute face, beautiful round tits, and a nice round ass. She became more passionate once we began to fuck. What a beauty! Just look how cute that pussy was! Of course, I creampied it. I also kept her number. Later on, I sent messages to the MILF and she will continue to look for me! Good times are still coming, guys!