Asiansexdiary - Nut
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nut


Pornstar: Nut

Dear Diary, In the morning, I first visited a temple with the mummy of a monk still sitting in his zen-position. Weird, man! Then, more importantly, at night, I had my date with Nut, the innocent-looking student that I found on Date-in-Asia. She was right on time at the restaurant where I also met Cat and Luk this week. But this girl seems to be in a hurry to go to my room. No drink, no food… but straight to my room to get banged. Easy! This girl was not as innocent as I had thought. She probably does this more often. So, in my room, I did not waste too much time and went straight to action, asking her to take off her clothes. She did it all easy and fast. Loved her small body and petite boobs. Once she bent over, I started to eat her pussy and just 2 minutes later, it was my dick’s turn to taste that pussy. Man, easy student sluts are always getting me so horny. I just love it. In daytime at school, a big hardcore slut at night. Thank you Thailand. So, I did what I do best: creampied deep inside. Then, just like that, she left. As simple as that. I love Koh Samui!