Asiansexdiary - Oil
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Oil


Pornstar: Oil B

Dear Diary, I woke up early to look for a place to eat breakfast when I saw a girl walking in front of me with amazing legs. I didn’t think and just walked to her to see what would happen. The girl was more of a MILF, once I saw her face. Too late, the game was already on and she still had those amazing legs! She seemed very shy and distant at first, but I smoothly convinced her to come back to my hotel. This is Thailand guys, no kidding. This truly happens. I told you, just say something nice and see how she reacts. If positive, don’t waste too much time, just ask her for more. I have been lucky many times this way. So this MILF, 30 years old, works at a restaurant in Bangkok. Nice body and ass. She had no makeup on and she still looked cute. I am sure she can look very sexy with some makeup. Anyways, once in my room, she knew that this was for more than just a shoot. Once I started to touch her, she didn’t react surprised. I knew that this was going well and I was right. I took off her panties and she started to suck my dick. I didn’t want to wait until she was totally undressed. Fucked her in doggy first and then undressed her while changing positions. In the end, I felt like doing anal again. No problem at all. Damn, this has been a crazy anal-pleasure and delight week, hasn’t it?! I really enjoyed this and I couldn’t end my Thailand trip better! Off to Vietnam tomorrow!!