Asiansexdiary - Peong
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Peong


Pornstar: Peong

Dear Diary, As I gave up on Sisi yesterday, I decided to take a walk to Victoria park, hoping to find some Filipina or Indonesian maids. I forgot to recharge the battery for my Sony cam, so stupid. After 1 minute, the camera stopped. That’s when I saw a blond Asian girl passing me with a big smile. We talked a little. It was a Thai lady in a sexy long black dress. She was on her day off (works in a Thai restaurant) and came back from some kind of dinner with another Thai girl who is going to marry soon. They had some kind of a celebration and she on her way back home to change her clothes. Part two of that celebration was in the early evening. From the start, I knew there was some chemistry between us and I asked her if I could make pics of her in that dress. She was charmed by my proposal and decided to go for it, but she only had like 2 hours. A Thai girl agreeing to go to a foreigner’s room can only mean one thing: boom boom! Her name is Peong and is from Phuket. She’s 27 yo and worked for 2 years now in Hong Kong. On the way to my hotel, I managed to film some with my iPhone. For sure, this lady needed a good fuck. My lucky day! I deserved it after my catastrophe with Sisi. I honestly really liked this Thai lady. Very brown skin, a little bit slutty with her blond hair and tattoos, but at these same time… she had style. Loved that good meaty ass of hers! She was clearly in the need of (and in the mood for) sex. No problem in taking off her clothes, either. She probably knew that this was coming. Within 15 minutes, she was naked with her legs wide open in front of my camera. When I started to lick her pussy, she totally went crazy and came for the first time. I fucked her immediately after that. She screened “Fuck me!”. I just love it when girls say that! So, I came for the first time as well. To continue the action, she gave me a great BJ. When she was on top, she came again. Time for me to cum, now! I came two more times in doggystyle. Loved to bang that big brown ass of hers! This was really good, people. She took a shower and then ran home. She had to hurry. The second part of that celebration was within 30 minutes. I went out a little more and I am back in my room now. Need a rest.