Asiansexdiary - Por
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Por


Pornstar: Por

Dear Diary, Since I came to Laos, I have been seeing that there was always a lot of activity around the Mekong river around 6pm. There is a market and a lot of people are doing some workouts in big groups, to music. Funny to see. Tonight, I went there and 2 big groups were working out. I liked the orange group the most, maybe just because of their orange outfits. I stayed there and waited a while. My plan was to wait until the end of it and then see if I could talk to one of the girls and then fuck her in that outfit. Even though most of these women were MILFs, I really got horny of that idea. I waited and waited but they did not seem to stop so I wanted to go buy a drink first. When I saw that my camera’s battery was almost empty, I decided to go to my hotel to get a spare one. Just before arriving at my hotel, a woman in an orange outfit suddenly passed me along the road. She must have left to exercise or it just stopped when I left and was on her way back home. I could not let that opportunity pass me by, so I said “hello” to her. She continued to run and I really had to make her stop. I was lucky that his MILF could understand English well. I asked if I could take a picture and she said “yes”. She liked that… and the fact that a foreigner seemed to be interested in her. I asked her age but she didn’t want to tell me (40+ I believe). I played my game and told her that I wanted to take more pics in my hotel. To my surprise, she said “yes” once again. We even talked a little longer in the lobby to be sure, and everything seemed OK for her. Once in my room, she jumped on my bed. Ok, now it was very clear. This MILF just wanted to get fucked really hard. After a few pics, I started to touch her and she liked it of course. Then, I presented my cock to her and just look at how much of a cock-hungry MILF that she is. I took off her pants and ate her super-wet pussy. She came there already. Then, I fucked her fat MILF ass. So good, man. She asked me to go slow because she has not had sex for a long long time. Haha, this was awesome. Another fantasy of mine becoming a reality. She came one more time and I creampied her twice. What a great workout, man! Conclusion: Lao MILFs are as horny as Thai MILFs! PS: I will have to change my hotel tomorrow. This one will for sure be trying to meet me again! I need new and younger pussy again 😉