Asiansexdiary - Por Ika: Part 4
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Por Ika: Part 4


Pornstar: Por Ika

Dear Diary, Went to a mall, to buy some stuff for my camera, and then went back to my hotel because I was expecting Por Ika tonight. I prepared her little gift (Bandung Zoo t-shirt) before her arrival. Unfortunately, when finally arrived, she seemed a little un-impressed by my gift, haha. But later on, she said that she was very happy that I did think of her. She has been begging me, on a daily basis, to get fucked again so I guess any gift from me will make her happy or as she expressed it “me very cry” hahaha. She also brought the same black lingerie again (probably her only pair, haha). Nice – but I wanted more today… what about some anal action? Has been some members request, so I wanted to try at least! In the middle of the fuck, I suddenly surprised her with my request and she agreed to it. She said that I was the first and I really believe her. Damn, this was so horny again! This time, I creampied her ass. When she left, she begged me to call her and let her come back again. I said “yes”, but I think I will focus on finding other girls from now on. Tomorrow, I am going to visit that famous Bandung Crater. She said she wanted to join me but I prefer to go alone and maybe find new girls…