Asiansexdiary - Ravegirl in the Morning
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ravegirl in the Morning



Dear Diary, I decided to go all the way last night and picked up one of these hot young rave girls. The hunt began at 1am and have been chasing girls until 4am. You can see me following all those asses. When I talked to them, they almost looked at me as if I was a ghost and I was going to give up when I saw one girl waiting for a taxi outside. I started to talk with her and learned that she’s a typical 19yo American chick, from Phoenix. She came all the way to Vegas for these parties and had to go back to her cheap hotel. She didn’t mind talking with me and after some flirting, she decided to go with me. Probably because I have a much better room than her. I did not film anything, yet, as I did not want to take any risks in spooking her away. She seemed to be very aware of my iPhone, as well, so I decided to let it be and waited until the morning. We were both exhausted, of course, but we still fucked once the lights were off. When she was still sleeping, in the morning, I decided to film myself giving her the “D”. I was in a funny mood, you’ll see why… After creampie and 5 more hours of sleep, we woke up and she hurried back to her room as she had to check out and go back home. We did not even exchange numbers… I didn’t mind at all because she was stupid and brainless as hell. Later that day, I did some shopping and I went to a famous street in Vegas to have my last supper, at night. I am flying to Bali, tomorrow. So happy! Also happy to leave Vegas.. as Bullwinkle pointed out before I even arrived here: “When that one hits, it hits hard, complete with exhaustion, depression and a sense of complete emptiness” — of being drained and going down the drain. Pure poetry and reality. These last weeks in Vegas killed me. I probably will never come back here, even if I had so many fucks and presented you a new girl almost every day… but yes, I feel empty and depressed because of this city. Back to Paradise, tomorrow! I need it… Asian pussy is waiting 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it and see you tomorrow back in Asia!