Asiansexdiary - Rubi
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Rubi


Pornstar: Rubi

Dear Diary, Laiza is doing a good job now. I think she made it clear in her head and decided to provide me with pussy to keep our relationship on good terms. I think that’s a very wise decision. That’s why I really love Laiza 🙂 So Laiza brought me Rubi today, an 18yo very simple looking girl. She’s more of a housemaid style of girl… and honestly that kind of girl can get me crazy horny! It’s that feeling of a little abuse… yummy! She was very shy at first and Laiza needed to encourage her a little but once we started it all went very well and she really enjoyed it. She was winking at me, air-kissing, oh, I fucked her deeply.. with my creampie as her little gift to take home with her. Laiza was already telling me that she had more girls to come. She is the one for me! Well… Daisy as well, for other reasons…;) Pussy Master’s Tips & Tricks: I recommend all my friends here who are following my Diary to find a girl like her when you go to the Philippines. I promise you that it’s not that easy but just be honest and don’t do the faithful husband crap. Keep that for in your own country. Over here you are in Pussy-paradise.. no time to lose. Eat pussy in morning, at dinner and lunch. Get sucked while you’re sleeping, a threeholer once a week, a threesome twice a week (at least) and a daily creampie! We are men, that is our mission. All the rest is a waste of time.