Asiansexdiary - Susi
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Susi


Pornstar: Susi

Dear Diary, First walk, today, in this new city for me. Of course, I first walked to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. No luck with the weather though. I arrived at the tower and I was amazed at how this tower is leaning over but never falling over (Might fall over if Tron gets some Pisa pussy, though!). It’s even more dramatic when you are standing in front of it. I was just there for 3 minutes when I saw an Asian MILF making selfies of herself, alone. I expected her to walk back to her family but she continued to walk alone, so I decided to make a move and told her that I wanted to help her to make a picture of her, in front of the tower. She was, at first, surprised but then just went with it. Once the pictures were made, I continued to walk with her and she didn’t mind at all. Her name is Susi, a Thai lady living here for 15 years already. She is now 35 and I must say that she still looks great! As I know that Thai MILFs living abroad are the horniest of them all, I was not going to leave this one alone. Even if she said that she was living here alone, single and working for an art company, I somehow felt that she might still live with the guy whom brought her here (or maybe he died already). I didn’t ask. I invited her for coffee and she said “yes”. First good sign. It got even better when she agreed to look for a restaurant. I have seen a sushi place on my way to the tower and she loved the idea and started to smile a lot. I felt that she liked me. Unfortunately, the sushi place was closing so we went to eat at an Italian establishment. There, we had a great talk and lunch together. I felt that she was into more and was flirting her into a little shoot at my hotel. After this lunch, it became clear that she couldn’t say “no” anymore and we walked to my place. I already had a big boner in my pants. This tower of Tron is not leaning today! She loved my room and started to pose for my camera. First, she was shy… but Susi slowly began showing her natural talents. She even said that she loves to pose. I started to touch her, asked for a kiss… and then it escalated quickly hahahaha! Damn, this MILF was so fucking horny that she simply just did everything that I had asked of her. Even if that meant undressing, sucking my dick and then getting fucked… all just 2 hours after we met. Thai MILFs are the best, really! Loved her skinny body with nice round ass. Look at how she came on my dick when sitting on top. I later came 3 times, myself. 3 fucking creampies! She even continued to play with her pussy and came herself, one more time. I immediately decided that I was going to see this MILF again in the coming days. As it’s not easy to find Asian girls to shoot here, I better keep that one. Pisa is going to be great, even greater then the Singapore summit today, haha!