Asiansexdiary - Theara
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Theara


Pornstar: Theara

Dear Diary, Good weather today, so I hurried to go to the beach again while hoping to find a sexy bikini girl. First, there were only tourists and locals, until I saw a skinny petite girl standing alone. I went to her and she was smiling. Bingo. I asked to make a picture of her, she said “yes”. I started to flirt, she flirted back…yes, I was going to fuck this one! Just one minute after meeting her, we were touching hands. 5 minutes later, I got my first kiss. 15 minutes later, 24yo Theara was in my room! I wish it was like this every day. More good surprises: what a sexy body this girl has! Nice firm body and boobs. Even a really small well-shaped pussy. She was getting so horny while posing, too! I just needed to touch her once, to get her screaming. She was licking and sucking my hands. Yes, she was a real cock-hungry little beast! She just wouldn’t stop sucking my dick. I love this kind of girl. I fucked that little ass of hers and came twice. Once in her pussy and once outside until nothing was coming out of my dick anymore. She got it all inside of her! Man, that was so good. We talked for an hour and then she went home. She said she wants to come back. If I am not lucky this week, I surely will call her. By the way, got some messages back from 3 ladies. One from Egypt (ugly one) and 2 in Tel Aviv. One of them is an Asian, a Malaysian to be specific. I will focus on her, of course.. this is the ‘Asian’ sex diary after-all. 😉