Asiansexdiary - Thuy
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Thuy


Pornstar: Thuy B

Dear Diary, I forgot to tell you that I had been talking with Yen on the phone yesterday. Remember her? She’s the MILF whom already brought me some marvelous girls before. This time, she said that her cousin was visiting her. She told me on the phone that she is really a beautiful lady. Curious, of course, I invited them today for 1pm. They were a bit late and I was waiting outside a restaurant. A girl in a dress girl passed me to go inside. She looked amazing. Her bf was waiting for her inside. 5 minutes later, Yen arrived with Thuy, her cousin. To my surprise, this girl was even hotter than the other girl. More like a top model. We had lunch together and the more I was looking at her, the more I loved her. Very beautiful. 23 yo, from a little village 7 hours away from HCMC. She came to visit Yen. She will leave again in a week or so… so we talked and she agreed on going with me to my room to make pictures. Yen already explained everything to her. After paying my bill, Yen left us and we went straight to my room. Thuy was into it and was making poses for me. I asked her to take off some clothes and she looked hotter and hotter by the minute. I felt that she liked me, as well. We kissed and started to have sex. She came twice when I ate her pussy. When I started to fuck her, I could cum any minute. Nice tight pussy, soft skin, great boobs and that bony ass (my favorite type of ass)! What a sweetheart. She asked me to cum outside of her, so I respected that. After a shower, she gave me her number. She would love to see me again, that’s clear. I am into a second round, for sure, but first… new girls. I hope that Yen can continue to help me 🙂