Asiansexdiary - Tuyet
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Tuyet


Pornstar: Tuyet

Dear Diary, I met with My at 3pm, close to the backpackers area. She was excited to see me again and seemed to have looked around for me while I was traveling. She said that she had a bunch of girls wanting to meet me. I told her before that I liked young and skinny, so that is what she had been looking for. After 30 minutes of waiting at a bus station, a girl arrived with a driver. She indeed looked very skinny but she was hiding her face with a smog mask. Typical here. Her eyes looked magical already. She took of her jacket and I could see now how skinny she was with nice round boobs. Her name is Tuyet, freshly 18 as of 2 weeks ago. We walked to my hotel while ‘My’ waited with the driver outside. She finally took off her mask once in my room and she really looked beautiful. Pity that she could not speak English but My and her friend explained before what we were going to do. I started to make pictures of her and she collaborated easily, so she knew well what my fantasies are. Everything went really well and she got naked without asking a question. Good girl. Look at that body, she is probably the skinniest girl on my diary now! I love that, especially the bony ass, when you can see the pussy mound popping out between the bones like that. I get so wild seeing that! I knew that that was going to give some great images in doggy and it did! After some pics, I ate her pussy and then she gave me the type of long licking BJ treatment that I loved. Then onto the fucking part: I must confess that I was really out of control. Something happens with me when I fuck bony girls like that, especially in doggy. Just look how my dick even looks bigger in that pussy of hers! I came first inside, and then I shot a second load on that ass. So good. That’s a great way to start my new trip to Vietnam! We kissed a little longer and I used my translator to talk to her. She is a student in cosmetics and hairstyle. She asked if she could come back another time and stay in my room. She shares her room with 2 other girls and likes to sleep in a hotel once in a while. So guys, you will see her coming back this week!