Asiansexdiary - Wan
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Wan


Pornstar: Wan C

Dear Diary, Woke up early and decided to go hunt for one last time this year. Walked around the mall and saw some very cute girls until I got a message from Palm, saying that she had a friend who also wanted to make pictures. She had no picture of her but just knowing that this was another 18yo girl was enough for me to say “yes”. 2 hours later, we met in a little restaurant close to my hotel. The girl was a typical local teenager. I loved her from the start. Very shy, with pimples on her face. What a great girl next door to end the year with! Her name is Wan and her English was very bad, so I had to use my translator app all the time. This girl just finished school and needs to find a job now. She wants to work in the mall, she said. A very simple girl. After one drink, we went to my room. As with Palm, she was very easy in doing everything I asked. Loved her body and her hairy pussy. Petite tits (flat enough for you, Bechill1?) that I really liked. I ate her pussy first, to get her in the mood, and got a good BJ in return. The fuck was great, even if she was a bit of a starfish. Small and tight pussy… I was so happy, man. Creampied her and sent her home again. Mission accomplished. Tomorrow is last day of the year and I still got one last fuck in before 2017!