Asiansexdiary - Aileen
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Aileen


Pornstar: Aileen

Dear Diary, Back in Pattaya! It’s now really crazy in the city. Songkran started and it’s hard not to get wet. I will show you some images tomorrow. But while being back in town, I really needed a new slut tonight, So, I went to Walking Street where I spotted a MILF-type of girl sitting alone at Candyshop. She was surely a disco girl, so I walked towards her. She seemed to have big boobs at that was enough for me to make the first step. She was all OK with everything when I started to talk to her while filming her. That was a good start. Her name is Aileen, I was right, she is 28yo MILF. Smiling and funny. We decide to go together to Insomnia where she goes every night to drink and dance. She was dancing hot on the stage and even if I started to doubt if her boobs were real or not, I decided to take her to my room. She was really horny and to my surprise, she had that perfect MILF ass. I don’t know how to describe it. MILFs can have asses that you can’t find with younger girls. From the moment I saw her boobs, it was clear to me that they were silicone and that’s sad. It always turns me off but I was really in a horny mood to fuck that bitch and it all went well until she asked for a condom. Another turn off for me. I am not used to this anymore and I just hate it. It’s like fucking a plastic doll. But still, I have to be honest, I enjoyed this fuck and especially my cumshot in her mouth. After that… she left back to insomnia!