Asiansexdiary - Jessica
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Jessica


Pornstar: Jessica

Dear Diary, I changed my hotel today to a cheaper and smaller one. The prices in HK changes almost every day. Sometimes it can be very expensive. In the evening, I went to buy some drinks in the 7/11 when I saw a girl entering. Once inside, she was standing there shaking her cappuccino. I felt that she was hoping for me to talk to her. She definitely looked like a Filipina. I said something and she instantly started to flirt. I let her go and walk outside. I acted a little uninterested just to see what would happen. She looked like a MILF to me. I wasn’t in any hurry and knew that she would take the first steps. I was totally right! She was waiting for me outside and we started to walk together. Her name is Jessica and is from Manila. For now, she is a waitress in Wanchai. She probably doesn’t have any bf so will use every opportunity to flirt with a white dick. I asked her to my room. No problem! Pics? No problem! Suck dick? No problem! Boom boom? No problem, of course! She didn’t want me to creampie her… that was a little surprising to me. I am not used to that anymore. Especially with Filipinas. Anyways, I really enjoyed this with her. She really gave her best and as a 30yo Milf, she was still looking very sexy. After she left, I edited this episode and I am now ready to go sleep. See you tomorrow, my friends!