Asiansexdiary - Alan
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Alan


Pornstar: Alan

Dear Diary, The weather was bad today. Just rained the whole time. Good thing I keep in touch with My. Remember that she had found several young skinny girls for me before? I called her and she was in fact waiting for me to let the next girl come. What a sweetheart. She brought me Alan, a 18yo skinny student. I could not be more happy! Took her to my room where we started to make pics right away. I could see that she had very small boobs and a very very small ass. The more she took off her clothes, the more excited I got. Just watch that little ass of hers. Amazing! A gift from God himself! Once naked, I licked her pussy and she extremely enjoyed it. Me, as well. Such a good tasting freshly-18yo Pussy. Delicious. No smell, all soft and juicy! I asked her for a BJ and that was clearly not her speciality. She gave me more of a hand job and licked my dick a bit. Never mind, I could not wait to fuck that small pussy. It felt so amazing, like a virgin pussy! I got so horny and turned her in different positions. She didn’t stop making her sweet sexy little screams. In doggy, I could see her godly-ass so good. I wanted to cum and so I did, nicely inside her. Another great trophy for my Asian creampie diary. Vietnam is great! After that, we went outside together where My was waiting for me and introduced me to another 18yo sweetie named My as well. She is the girl for tomorrow, 6pm. Guys, you are being spoiled again, aren’t you?! See you tomorrow with another great episode here in Vietnam!